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The script that has been used to create the video shown above can be downloaded as excel script file.


The polyacrylamide-gels are cast for you. The assistant will give them to you.


Think about how to load the gels; What is a logical order? Let your order checked by one of the assistants.

After waiting long enough you try to remove the gel but it has not polymerized well. What went wrong?

  1. Too much APS and TEMED was added
    Correct = no
  2. Too little APS and TEMED was added
    Correct = yes
  3. You waited too long before removing the gel
    Correct = no
  4. The glass-plate sandwich was not properly clean before use
    Correct = no

Feedback if a or c: Incorrect. This will not have an effect on the polymerization of the gel.

Feedback if correct: Correct! With too little APS and/or TEMED the gel is not able to polymerize properly and the gel will stay liquid.

Feedback if d: Incorrect. This will not have an effect on the polymerization of the gel. It can however contaminate your gel.

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