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In 2021, a team of experts set out to develop a series of interactive videos for laboratory education with a focus on conducting experiments. Our shared passion is to stimulate students to prepare for their lab experience with an engaging digital learning environment. The resulting project was sponsored by SURF (OO21-02) and lead by senior teaching fellow Marjo de Graauw.

A team of lecturers and practical coordinators from Leiden University wrote the scripts and provided interactive elements such as pop-up questions with associated feedback; Annelien Zweemer, Linda Holtman, Maayke van Ruler, Quirijn Verhoog, Ilze Bot, Tahmina Fariaby, Majlen Dilweg, Daan van der Es, Charlie Clark, and Ischa Bremer. Experienced video-specialist Amber Gerritsen coached and guided them throughout the process.


Amber was also responsible for the multi-camera recordings and the entire post-production. Together with the lecturers and a team of MSc students Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences*, she shot more than a hundred experimental actions! The odd humorous break-down of actors or equipment proved a welcome distraction during these long days in the lab.

*Jeremy Broekhuis, Kim Elbertse, Kim Kroese, Rick Kusters, Lara van Meurs, Joep Snoeck, Nienke Vreman.


Ethan Warren and Emily Foster lend their voices to the narration and audio specialist Quirijn Verhoog (precursor music) edited the voice-over. Quirijn also composed the background music that underscores all videos.


This website was designed and created by Koos van der Kolk (Founder of LabBuddy) and Tineke Bijl (Head E-learning at LabBuddy). LabBuddy enhances laboratory education by offering an online e-learning solution. LabBuddy is being used by many institutions, including Leiden University. The development team worked closely with LabBuddy. The downloadable files of the LabBuddy protocols that correspond to the videos allow other LabBuddy users a quick-start when designing LabBuddy modules for similar lab techniques.

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All of the videos we have created are freely available via Broad user-friendliness is always key – logos, detailed information about protocols or personal characteristics of actors are barely visible. The videos are suitable for universities and universities of applied sciences, and applicable to all educational levels within them. Use of the videos is free, except for commercial parties. This includes all corresponding materials, such as protocols, scripts, voice-over text and questions.

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