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We are grateful that you want to use the videos that we created with so much care! Need help in any way? Check our frequenly asked questions!

You can download the H5P file by clicking Reuse just below the video. Then upload this file in your own H5P editor. For more information please refer to the H5P documentation. Note: we used YouTube to embed the videos, therefore the H5P files will refer to the YouTube video.
Do you want to download the mp4 file? Follow the Video download link presented on the video page. Do you want to use the YouTube video? Click the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner of the video to open the video in YouTube.
You can reuse the protocol text by selecting it in the browser, right-click > Copy and paste it anywhere you like.
On the video page you can find a LabBuddy import file. This is a zip file containing the affiliated protocol(s) and Closed Questions. To import, log in to your LabBuddy, navigate to /admin/content/migrate/new/labbuddyzippedxmlmigratewizard and follow steps. Contact LabBuddy's support if more help is required (charges may apply).
The Closed questions are included in the LabBuddy import file. Please refer to above question for more information on how to use this file.
This protocol was used in combination with the (interactive) video shown above. It is a detailed instruction of actions that students perform in the laboratory. The video has been used as visual support for (part) of these instructions.
Yes! You can either download the mp4 file, share the YouTube video link or embed the YouTube video. (see related question above).
The videos are created by Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR), Faculty of Science at Leiden University under a open Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. When using this video in its original version please refer to www.labprep.video. When adapting the video, mention the source ‘adapted based on the original version that is created by the labprep.video team’. It is not allowed to use the video for commercial purposes without consultation with the creators. You can contact us via info@labprep.video.
This project is a co-product of Leiden University (LACDR), LabBuddy, SURF and Precursor music. Check the About page!
Please navigate to LabBuddy.net and contact them!
Interested in how we made these videos? Consult the teacher guide!

A SURF project by Leiden University and LabBuddy

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